Saturday, January 24, 2015

7 Quick Takes Vol. 1: What we're doing, reading, and eating

I'm linking up with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum this week for Seven Quick Takes!

1. So I had a carefully planned list of 7 points to write about. The first being the mundane commentary on my recently clingy 11 month baby, who I swear has developed a sixth sense and KNOWS her sister will be here in less than four months. But instead, I feel compelled to ditch that subject (you're so disappointed, I know), and give a shout out. I had to look up who was hosting 7 QTs nowadays, since the last time I linked up, it was still over at Conversion Diary. I hopped on over to my friend's blog, This Felicitous Life, and I don't know if this is even allowed, but I have to share her 7 QT's that she generously shared early so I could spare you from my griping about a clingy child (as if you've never heard of one of those). Make sure you read them all, and if you didn't find a particular part hilarious... well, I suppose our senses of humor are a bit different.

2. Remember how I mentioned I was going to whine about my clingy baby to you all? I thought better of it. Actually, I really did. After feeling at my wit's end late Thursday night (when I finally gave in at 8:45 and put on Fantasia for us both to watch until her bedtime at 9:30), I reflected on how my one on one time with her is drawing to a close, and I'm getting nostalgic. Or hormonal, since I'm pregnant...The next day I made sure I enjoyed the little snuggles when she refused to nap in her crib, smothered her with kisses as she begged to be picked up all day, and read book after book that she smacked over and over again into my lap. Her recent favorites are Jamberry, Little Elephant, and First Words. This time is already going by so fast (sorry for the cliche, but it's just too true), and I try to remind myself to live in the moment with her. And, I want her to remember my face cheerful from those moments.

3. My personal reading shelf currently consists of a biography about St. Catherine Laboure, and a book that my husband got me for Christmas titled, Everything You Learned about the Civil War is Wrong, Ask a Southerner. I'm only on page thirty or so of the second book because I get mad at the author about every other page when he assumes what every "Northerner" thinks about the civil war. It's sort of like we rant at each other, except I'm the only one talking to the empty room like a crazy person.

4. On Wednesday, I had a little mini meltdown over FlyLady. I said to hubby, "FlyLady made me feel like a bum today!" Don't worry, he rolled his eyes and snickered. He's not a big FlyLady fan, although I don't know why because the dishes are now clean every, single night. My tiff with the cleaning queen was that I had just commented on how impractical it was for me to get dressed immediately every morning and lace up shoes. I mean really?! Who walks around inside their house with laced up shoes on? Then FlyLady had to post this, which I read around 11:30 am, while still sitting in my PJ's, unshowered.

5. My little sister and brother made it to the March for Life this year in D.C. I'm still feeling a little guilty about not trekking out there with teacup and my big 'ole pregnant belly because we only live about an hour away. Hubby said maybe he will take off work next year and we can go together. I'm so grateful for all those who were able to make it this year though!

6. Day 4 and 5 of Project 365: I got my new lens on Friday! I love the effects I get with the depth of field, but I'm still working on the focusing part and lighting. Friday was cold and gray again with snow, so I used the flash.
I really like how she is off center here
Day 4, unedited

Loving the depth of field, but why can't I get those darn little eyes in focus!
Day 4, unedited

And, just because I wanted to gross you out :) No flash, unedited. Lunchtime!
Day 5

7. Friday we made homemade tomato basil pizza.

I made the dough from scratch using a recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It makes two pizza crusts, so I froze one. Then topped it with lots of fresh ingredients, including tomatoes, garlic, and basil. The sauce was a white alfredo sauce made with butter, heavy cream, and parm. Mmmmmmm.

This is our favorite pizza! Even little teacup scarfed some down. Although she discreetly placed all the tomatoes next to her in her highchair. Planning on eating them later, sweetheart? 

I ate four pieces...
Do you have any favorite pizza topping combos? 

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  1. Mmmmm! You can make me pizza anytime! ;)

    Your pictures are beautiful, too.