Friday, January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Vol 2. Saving Money, Meatball Casserole, and someToddler TMI

Joining up once again with Kelly for 7 QTs!

1. In the spirit of the New Year, I decided to try out some new money saving tricks. Last year I attempted Swagbucks and I think I earned a total of *drumroll please*..... $15.00. Ok, it could have been worse, and that would be about three Starbucks coffees, which I guess would be cool if I drank coffee often, but I might drink three Starbucks coffees a year. Anyway, I digress. I just felt like the amount of time I spent trying to earn Swagbucks wasn't worth the payout.

So this year I'm trying *ibotta. It's basically a way to save money shopping at your favorite stores, including grocery stores, or online without having to carry around coupons. Which is cool, especially for me, because I sometimes save coupons, put them in a nice little folder, and then forget about them until they're expired. Also, with ibotta, they have rebates on things that aren't name brand, which I love since I'm always buying store brand stuff. For example, you can buy any eggs and you get $0.25 back.

Can't you tell she's excited to save money at the grocery store?
Just remember to keep your receipts... which I didn't. I signed up for the app a couple days ago, figured out I could have saved $2.50 and then couldn't find my receipt to verify the purchases. Bummer. There goes half a Starbucks coffee.

Last thing that really got me interested in trying this out: you get actual cash instead of gift cards. Every time you earn $10.00, it will be deposited to your Paypal account. Pretty cool! I'll update next week how much I saved at the grocery store.

*Disclaimer: If you sign up through that link, you will be on my "team"... I honestly have no idea how that works yet....

2. My little baby girl is growing up, and I guess I have to start referring to her as a toddler now because she has taken a few steps on her own! Please enjoy our overly ecstatic voices and cheers as she takes two steps unassisted.

3. On the menu this week was a dish called Meatball Potato Casserole. I had potatoes from last week and we have 1/4 of a cow in our chest freezer, so I figured this recipe would be perfect. Classic Rachel, I didn't actually read the instructions, just skimmed over the ingredients to make sure I wouldn't have to buy anything too unusual, and figured I'd go from there. Ummm... Thursday rolls around and it's 5 p.m. and this recipe is telling me to make actual meatballs by hand, with the frozen ground beef that is barely defrosted, thinly slice a bunch of potatoes, and then bake it for an HOUR!

So I essentially threw the recipe out the window and just ground up the beef with the seasonings it suggested and mixed in some chopped-up, boiled, almost mashed potatoes, and drizzled on the sauce. It wasn't pretty, so there's no picture.... tasted pretty decent though.

4. Last night I had a blogging breakthrough! I created a watermarked photo in GIMP. It only took my poor husband an hour to teach me. Remember this picture?

Don't worry, I'll be working on the aesthetics of the watermark
Now just to go through all the pictures and add the watermark to each one...

5. Tuesday I hosted a craft night for some other mommas. We had two hours of uninterrupted time to work on whatever project we had in the works. I was fixing some earrings for a friend, another friend brought her blanket she is crocheting (it's beautiful!), another sewed a creation to keep the draft from seeping in under her door (don't know what those things are called), one momma finished a shutterfly book, and another beaded some rings. I'm hoping to make this a monthly event!

6. Project 365 update: I've been taking pictures, but haven't captured anything I've been thrilled with really. Just practicing, practicing, practicing. Following Clare's recommendation, I added the Mission:Pic app to my phone. It gives daily tasks to help you think outside the box when looking for things to take pictures of. Figured I should branch a tiny bit away from Ellie. You know, occasionally.

Something Red was the task. Wanted to really see the plane of the depth of field. Otherwise, not too interesting....
Day 10 (I think...)
I couldn't resist. Although, the sun went behind some clouds before I finally got her to look at me.
Day 11
7. I saved the best for last. Other than Monday, we had a really uneventful week. Well, relatively uneventful. Ellie's diaper changing experiences were fairly eventful...and frequent. She appears to have come down with some funny GI bug, so we've stayed home for most of the week and snuggled. 

Hope you all had a Happy and Healthy week! 

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  1. I am completely in the camp of "didn't read the recipe" plus "aint nobody got time fo dat" w/ cooking! :) :)