Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Five Favorites: Blog Share

Linking up with Jenna at Call Her Happy for Five Favorites this week and Erica at Saint Affairs.

This week I'd like to share five blogs, written by moms, that I really enjoy and inspired me to begin my blogging journey.  I always check my BlogLovin' feed for these blog posts first. The fact that I know all the writers personally, is an added bonus!

1. This Felicitous Life: Laura is a mom and part time lawyer. On This Felicitous Life you'll find lots of quick wit, musing on style, really great adult book recommendations, honesty, and a bit of Kate nee Middleton. This Felicitous Life was nominated for a Sheenazing Award in the category of best underappreciated blog. I probably would have nominated hers for funniest, because I always find myself laughing at some point during her posts. And not just laughing to myself.  I recommend this post and this one.

2. Faith Elizabeth Hough: We've been best friends since highschool and even attended one year of the same college together. But, my recommendation is anything but biased. Faith has many talents, but the blog focuses mostly around book recommendations, ranging from children to adult, and writing tips. She has already finished a couple novels, including a middle grade and young adult level, and hoping to be published very soon. You can read excerpts from her books on her site here, here, and here. When she isn't writing, she homeschools her girls, sews, paints, gardens, and makes sourdough bread from scratch!

3. Half Kindled: Katherine's blog was brand new last year! I'd describe her blog as introspective and intellectual, yet easy to read. At Half Kindled, but striving to become on fire, you'll discover reflections on motherhood, faith, and homemaking. Katherine shares from the heart and you might even find yourself tearing up occasionally. Just read her conversation with her toddler! If you are searching for something a little deeper, but with a lot of honesty, Half Kindled fits the bill.

4. Merely a Woman: Here you'll meet Jenn-Henn, Code Monkey, Jose, and Jaunito. Take a step inside this author's mind as she reflects upon the Catholic faith, personal growth, and family life. You'll also catch some pictures of her adorable little boys! I recently really enjoyed reading her thoughts on weakness vs. humility and appreciated her honesty in her letter to her someday, future daughter.

5. Sweet Wakings: I just discovered Clare's blog this week after she kindly started following mine when I set up a Facebook page. I'd describe her style as sweet and whimsical, yet not fluffy. And I'm really crushing on some of her photos. Just look at this post! She's a new mama to one adorable, blue eyed baby girl. Read her thoughtful, loving letter to her daughter. I'm really looking forward to reading more from her and getting to know her better in person, too!

And, finally, for your viewing pleasure, my one and only teacup. I wanted to practice the "focus and recompose" technique. If you're interested, you can read about it here. I also want to try out Back Button Focusing (BBF), but I'm not even positive my camera does this, so it's time to hunt through our unpacked boxes (from April!) and find the camera manual.

Day 9 Project 365
Do you have any favorite blogs by friends you'd like to share? Or, are you experimenting with learning more about photography? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I think I only know one blog on that list - time to discover :) thanks!

    1. Thanks for hosting Five Favorites!

  2. Thanks for some ideas for my feed reader!

  3. Hi! I only know one blog on your list, so I will happily check out the other four. Thanks for linking up!