Friday, January 23, 2015

My Black Thumb and Day 3

This is my little basil plant.

Meet Basil, pronounced Bah-zil
And, it looks like I'm killing him!

Maybe he needs more water? Less? More sun? I picked this little guy up at the grocery store with ambitions of saving a couple pennies and being less wasteful. Homemade tomato basil pizza is on the menu this week, and instead of buying the small packet of fresh basil that I never use up in time, I figured I'd get a little plant and always have just enough. Plus, he was only $2.99 with replenishing powers versus $1.50 for the packet I only use once. Of course, if I kill him before the next recipe, this was all rather pointless.

You would think I might have picked up a tip here and there from one of these.

My grandmother generously gifts me a subscription every year to Better Homes and Garden magazine. I pulled out this stack while decluttering. There are more piles lurking in the basement. I'm hoping to pass some onto a new home before just recycling.

Seriously though, my garden and home do not remotely look anything like these magazines. I'd take a picture of my garden out front, but it's more depressing than the basil plant. Although, to be fair, the previous owners didn't leave a whole lot to work with.

These photos are also my lame attempt at Day 3 in Project 365. The lighting was terrible today, so I tried out my new flash, a TT560 Speedlite. I have a lot of work to do. I've been following the blog, Click it Up a Notch, hoping to learn some new techniques and basics. One suggestion the author has in her e-book is avoiding capturing clutter in photos. She claims her house isn't perfect, and she just sweeps away the clutter temporarily. I'm discovering that finding the time to take pictures with a baby on the cusp of toddlerhood is a mite difficult, let alone attempting to clean before taking a shot. So, for now, you'll have the privilege of witnessing my gloriously cluttered messy home!

In the meantime, if you have any suggestions for my little, green friend, please share!

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