Thursday, January 22, 2015

Project 365

One of my New Year's Goals (yes, I am aware it's already the end of January), is to use my camera more and improve the quality of my photos. Hubby and I have had a DSLR since we got married in 2010, but most of the awesome shots have been taken and edited by him. I took a photography class in highschool, and LOVED it, but that was a really long time ago and I've forgotten almost any techniques I might have learned.

St. Joseph's Oratory, Montreal
Edited by hubby 

I've taken a few landscape shots that I've been happy with, but I'm much more passionate about capturing people. Documenting my family as it grows is really important to me.

Shenandoah Valley
Taken by moi, edited by hubby

So I've decided to dive into Project 365 where I'll commit to take, at minimum, one picture a day. And, I've officially switched the camera to manual (hanging head in shame as I admit to using mostly auto on a DSLR for over FOUR years).

Teacup #1, Day 1 of Project 365, kit lens, unedited

Day 2, playing around with some funny lighting, unedited

Example of full auto shot from a few months ago, unedited
I'm still using the kit lens largely inside because our zoom telephoto is a little large for the small rooms in our house. With my birthday money, I did just purchase a 50mm 1.8 prime lens, and I'm so excited to get it and compare shots!

If you have any photography blogs or tutorials that you love, please share!

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