Friday, February 20, 2015

7 QTs vol 3: Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday Recap, and a Little Third Trimester Fatigue

A bit of writer's block has hit me lately, and all that "awesome content" necessary for successful blogs Ruth Soukup talks about just ain't happenin'. I blame pregnancy. And the cold. And probably a host of other excuses that are super lame and just that: excuses.

So without further ado (and unnecessary whining), 7 quick takes, linked up with This Ain't the Lyceum. 

1. Monday: Monday I grocery shop. Every Monday. It's just part of my routine. What's not part of my routine is snow. Or at least the projection of snow, and especially a projected foot of snow. We don't have cable or network television, so we never watch the local news and thus never see the weather report unless we happen to check the handy weather app. So this storm was off my radar (har har). It also happened to be President's Day. I had scheduled my dreaded one hour glucose test since hubby would be home and could watch Teacup. I then planned to run quickly to the grocery store. So did everyone else. My normal twenty minute grocery trip turned into an hour with checkout lines backed into the aisles.

All for this:

Does that look like a foot of snow to you?
I'm pretty sure all my friends and family back up North are rolling their eyes at us "Southerners" 
DC was shut down, which resulted in hubby working from home. I'm not complaining. Even though we try to pretend he isn't around, it's so nice to see his face pop up from the basement once in awhile throughout the day.

2. Which brings me to Tuesday: The storm, although interfering with my Monday routine, actually benefited my poorly thought out Fat Tuesday. Due to all that white stuff on the ground (Bostonians would laugh... or weep), most of Virginia stayed home. My Monday meal didn't turn out so great and I hadn't made enough for leftovers as planned, so we decided to go out. I was a little worried about the restaurants being packed for Mardi Gras, but most of the parking lots were empty and we had no trouble getting into Applebees. Apparently I'm one of the only New Englanders south of the Mason Dixon line. Two inches of mostly melted snow doesn't usually scare me off the roads...Although, maybe the Virginia drivers should...

Teacup choosing some drinks for the night

3. Moving onto Wednesday: If I had planned ahead... or just not been lazy, I could have entered Kendra's Fat Tuesday Giveaway. However, I actually already ordered and received my Blessed is She Lenten Journal, although I could have gifted it to a friend. Hindsight is 20/20 (enough with the cliches!! I'm sorry, I just can't help myself). The journal is great though! I really felt more motivated to read and reflect on the readings before mass and I took the time to jot down a few thoughts during Teacup's naptime. Hubby and I will probably download the Magnificat App this weekend.

4. More Wednesday: Originally I planned to read Scott Hahn's First Comes Love, but I started it a little before lent and realized I've already read it. That doesn't mean I shouldn't read it again, but I have so many books that I've never picked off my shelf, so I decided to peruse the bookcase one more time. I found this gem:

It's so perfect for me for lent! And it's actually compiled by a professor at my alma mater.

5. More Wednesday: Ash time! We wanted to go to mass as a family, so we caught the 6:30 pm mass. As a pregnant mama, I'm apparently exempt from full out fasting, but I did abstain and when I did need to snack, I made sure I picked up something I really didn't prefer... you know, those healthy things, like bananas and pears...Anyway, poor hubby really was famished (I know, that's kind of the point) because we didn't get dinner until 8:30. He was very gracious about it all.

Second Annual Ash Wednesday photo. It's sort of freaking me out that she already is already experiencing a "second" of anything! 

6. Thursday: I'm officially into the third trimester! I was 28 weeks and 6 days at my prenatal appointment. Wahoo for the home stretch, or boo hoo for the return of pregnancy fatigue which = not enough energy to finish all the stuff I wanted to do before baby arrives in 2.5 months. Two and a half hours of babysitting and an hour and a half doctor's office wait completely exhausted me. Oh, and did I mention the return of pregnancy brain fog? I forgot to put my roast in the slow cooker, so a panicked call to hubby transpired where I begged him to pick up a pizza, oh and to please add a side of cheesy bread. Overkill? The day after Ash Wednesday, I think not!

7. Friday: Today was a frigid 7 degrees at 9 am. Teacup and I went out around 11 to babysit for some friends. My poor toddler still puts up with the infant car seat, but in these temperatures, I'm so grateful and don't care about the approximate 30 lbs (carseat and baby) I have to lug around. Poor hubby had to work till 8 pm tonight, so Teacup and I had a lot of time to play in her 25 year old toy kitchen my mom and sister resurrected from my family's attic.

I'm pretty sure that should qualify for some ultimate thrifty play gear award. Normal Toy kitchen cost: $100. Actual toy kitchen cost $0. Savings: $100.00!!!!!!

The weekend's goals consist of organizing Teacup's bedroom, catching up on some chores, and snuggling with my loves while sipping hot chocolate and hibernating from the newly projected five inches of snow and ice ;)

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