Thursday, February 26, 2015

First Birthday Party Extravaganza

So I wasn't as good about taking pictures of the food and decorations as I hoped.

I was too busy focusing on the main attraction...

Teacup and Gigi

Although I did sneak in a couple quick shots of the cakes.

The bakery added a special smash cake for free

Teacup's party outfit was mostly removed for the cake smash.

Happy Birthday Sweet Munchkin! 

Ironically she didn't do much smashing. Mostly digging.

There were lots of presents to open.

Ellie met a new friend from Gigi! 

And then we attempted a group shot with all her little friends!

She had a great time, and I felt like it was really the perfect size/scale for a first birthday. We ended up with about 30 guests. Lots of extended family generously helped prepare the food and put up decorations. The menu consisted of slow cooker jelly meatballs (the smash hit), Italian pasta salad, fruit salad, veggie tray with homemade ranch, and a four layer bean dip served with tortilla chips. And cake. Of course.

I forgot to blow up the balloons, but no one seemed to miss them :)


  1. *laugh* That picture of all of us! Life with little children explained in a photo right there. ;) But I thought the party was fantastic! You did a great job.

  2. I was pretty impressed we managed to actually get them all in the picture! After a long afternoon and sugar, I think that picture attests to how good our kids are ;) So glad you could make it!!!