Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lenten Countdown and Five Favorites

Hurry! Lent is right around the corner!

Every year I feel like Lent creeps up on me and I head to mass on Ash Wednesday completely unprepared. I'm walking down the aisle, scrambling to finalize my Lenten sacrifice. I'm driving home with a smudgy forehead, debating whether to switch giving up chocolate again to giving up Facebook on the weekdays.

So last year I had an added distraction ;) 

Generally, I'm not big on sharing Lenten sacrifices. Just for me personally, it seems like it lessens the sacrifice if someone knows what I'm giving up. However, I've had trouble sticking with (or even deciding upon) sacrifices, so hoping for some accountability, I'll tell you what I'm giving up and doing.

Facebook: Lame, I know. But it seriously sucks up a lot of my time (which is even more lame). I'm going to use my extra time to focus more on interactive play with my little girl, prayer time, and reading spiritual books.

Spiritual Books: No, I'm not giving them up :) I'm committing to reading more. Minimum of spending fifteen minutes a day reading about the saints, sacraments, or some other theological topic.

Daily Rosary: Saying it, every day, no excuses.

And now, to link up with Jenna for Five Faves, I'll share five things I'm excited about that also happen to be related to Lent!

1. My Lenten Journal: Ok, it's not even here yet, but I ordered this journal by Blessed is She. I'm hoping daily, written reflections will help immerse me more in the season.


2. This Rosary Book: Shared by Leila this week!

3. Baby Prayer Board Books: My mother in law gifted these for Teacup's baptism, so we've had them for awhile. This week the Our Father book is one of Teacup's favorite (alongside Moo, Baa, La La La of course). I love praying with my little girl daily even though she's only one. We usually say the Divine Mercy Chaplet before morning nap, but these books make things a bit more interactive for her.

4. This Blog Post: Lots and lots of resources for the whole family on how to have a better Lent. From Catholic All Year.

5. This Recipe: I love this slow cooker meal and it's so easy! I make mine meatless for Fridays by using vegetable stock instead of chicken stock and omitting the sausage. Perfect comfort food... too comforting for Abstinence Fridays? Ehhhhh....

What are you doing to prepare for Lent this year? 

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