Wednesday, March 4, 2015

5 Faves: When I'm Sick

This week's 5 Faves are hosted by Rachel at Efficient Mama!

Unfortunately, I finally succumbed to a stomach bug this winter. It's March and I was so hopeful I was in the clear. Apparently not :-P

Anyway, in the spirit of Lent and overcoming trials with joy, I offer my personal five favorites from yesterday when I felt like death rolled over.

1. My husband, my husband, my husband! Um, he could honestly probably be all five of my favorites. He was Ah-Maaaaay-Zing! Super Dad and Perfect Caretaker to one sick wifey. Early Monday morning I tossed all my cookies... and salad, and lunch, and probably just one or two less needed internal organs. J crouched beside me the entire time and cleaned everything. Then teacup proceeded to wake up approximately three to four times, and since he couldn't really stick her in bed with us, he had to stay up rocking her back to sleep. During the day he doted upon teacup (who refused to nap until 1pm) and diligently checked on me without complaint. He even went out to the store with her to pick up some sick essentials and made himself a homecooked dinner of pasta scampi. I probably should have grabbed a picture, but I was mostly quarantined to my bedroom.

2. My little girl: Oh, I missed her so so much yesterday! I missed her snuggles and smiles. J brought her to the bedroom door a few times throughout the day so she could give me a smile, giggle, and point. I definitely felt very loved and missed.

3. Tylenol: I don't usually take anything during pregnancy- I usually try to suffer through it (with a lot of moans and groans), but I called my Dr. late yesterday afternoon after a scary contraction. He encouraged me to up my fluid intake and take some Tylenol for the fever and aches. The fever was probably further dehydrating me. I only took one regular strength pill and Oh My... it worked like a charm.

4. Sleep: I napped fitfully a lot yesterday, but after taking the one Tylenol, I really passed out. Like at 8:30 pm for the NIGHT. Granted I did get up a couple times for the bathroom, but, wow, I haven't slept like that since before Teacup was born. Monday night was more of a preparation for postpartum nights to come, but Tuesday night was glorious!

Daddy getting Teacup ready for bed...can you find her? ;) 

5. Blogs: I read a lot of blog posts yesterday on my iPad. One of my favorite's was Kelly's post. I managed some pathetic whimper-laughs due to my sheer exhaustion. And, even though I couldn't eat anything, this recipe looked too scrumptious not to add to my Pinterest board.

Well, there you have it, some TMI five faves. I know, you didn't even ask for it, I'm sorry.

Today I'm feeling LOTS better, and I'm extremely grateful!


  1. Ugh! Stomach bugs are the worst, especially when you're sick and you're a mom. Hope you're feeling better! Thanks for linking up! :-)

  2. Aw, I'm glad you're feeling better. The girls all had a stomach/intestinal bug last week. It was our first major one in three years, so I probably shouldn't complain, especially as I barely got sick. (I guess all those prenatal vitamins are good for something.) But, wow, it's amazing how that can throw off your routine! I'm still trying to catch up on a pile of laundry that literally went from the bottom of the basket to about 1 1/2 feet from the ceiling.
    I hope little teacup stays healthy!