Monday, March 30, 2015

Photography Failures (and some inspiration)

You may have noticed I haven't kept up with my 365 Project. Not only have I failed to post pictures from the project on this blog, but I've also forgotten to take them! The season of Lent got a little busy with illness and whatnot, but I also started to get overwhelmed with wanting to edit all my pictures into perfect shots. I just didn't have the time, plus I have even more to learn about editing (I use Gimp- it's free) than I do about my camera (and I still have to learn a lot about that!), so I started to get a little discouraged, and wasn't reaching for the camera as often.

But I started to get excited again after coming across a few blog posts recently in my reader. Michele Quigley has a really beautiful 365 Project on her blog right now. It's all mostly beautiful pictures- no text. I just wish I could talk to her in person and learn some of her techniques!

Clare just got a new 50 mm lens and is soaking up the bokeh by taking lots and lots of shots of her little girl. Just check out those eyes!

Ana found herself a smashing deal on a new camera.

So here's to picking up the camera again and capturing those pictures! I'll try to post more pictures, but they might not all be edited yet. Still lots to learn with this whole blogging/photo/editing journey!

Anywho......Here are some SOOC (straight out of camera) shots for you to enjoy.

Some blogs I'm currently following to improve my photography: Clickinmoms and Click it up a Notch. 

I've also been swooning over new camera bodies... but let's not get ahead of ourselves, right? 

I hope you all have a fruitful Holy Week! 


  1. Aw! I like SOOC shots just fine. More often than not, the ones I share on Instagram are unfiltered, because I like them that way. Don't forget, practice helps make those shots better, so even more reason to pick up the camera as often as possible! (Says the girl who thinks her phone takes good pics. ;-P)

  2. I LOVE your photos! They're always so sharp and in focus. I'm still working on getting that right. The 50mm seems tricky that way. They look ok on the camera viewfinder, and then I see them full-scale on my computer and nope, they're not actually quite in focus.