Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Nesting During the Third Trimester

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Over the last couple of weeks I have frantically increased "nesting" activities. Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term, at some point during pregnancy, usually the mother is overcome with intense desires to clean areas of her house she has never seen before, declutter boxes previously untouched from two moves ago, and/or embark upon numerous crafting projects she has never tried.

Since I'm a classic procrastinator, it's no surprise I'm attempting to pack it all into the final few weeks of pregnancy.

In no particular order, here have been some of my most recent and favorite nesting activities:

1. Clean: Specifically scrubbing every lower cabinet in my kitchen. I should probably preface this with: I'm not a particularly good housekeeper and therefore, have probably never thought of scrubbing down the outsides of said cabinets. I'm pretty positive it's never been done since we moved in last year. I handed Teacup a cloth so she could "scrub" with me (meaning, I could keep an eye on her), and proceeded to crouch in my kitchen with my large, 9 month pregnant belly for the next half hour to forty minutes cleaning my cabinets. All the while thinking, "Why am I doing this?" "Who am I?" and "I CAN'T stop! Must finish!". I've also been pretty diligent about staying on top of my cleaning schedule (which I'll share with you all someday).

2. Declutter: We have a spare bedroom. Or, well a spare room. But it wasn't very spare. In fact, you could barely move in it. My sister is graciously planning on staying with us for a few weeks after baby arrives, and I wanted her to have her own space. Last weekend, Jeremy cleared out all his tools from projects worked on over the last year, and the painting supplies we will not be using to paint the hallway (le sigh) before baby arrives. I then purged, purged, dusted, and vacuumed. We moved furniture. It still has a ways to go as far as decorating and further purging, but it's now a liveable space.

3. Pack: So last pregnancy, nesting never really hit me. I was still working at the bank and very tired. I think I had two days max of deep cleaning I accomplished in Teacup's nursery (that was never actually used). This time, I think I've done more in the last month than I have over the past year! And, I actually have a hospital bag this time. That probably doesn't sound very impressive, and I suppose it's not, but with Teacup, I didn't have my bag ready. In between contractions I crawled around the floor tossing things into a bag. I suppose I'll have to come up with a new distraction this time.

4. Organize: I've had a home binder for a couple years now, but I never used it consistently. It also wasn't very well organized. I've started plans to revamp it and have been scouring Pinterest for free printables that fit my needs. However, instead, I'm generally just typing up and designing my own lists using PicMonkey. Jeremy also got me a printer, so I'm all excited to print out lots of fun pages (and probably clutter up my house with paper I don't need in the process...).

Via Target

5. Craft: Many of my non necessary nesting activities consist of crafts. Instead of doing dishes, packing, or watching my birthing video, I worked on a beaded rosary. The intention is to have a few more finished and sell them at our Christmas Craft fair or give them away as gifts.

I've added chain between the Our Father beads and crucifix. 
Also, I'm creating a liturgical binder to help our family celebrate the different church seasons more intentionally. Each day has a different saint, and I'm collecting stories for each one. Each month we will pick five saints to do something special to celebrate: a meal, craft, or movie. This way, I'm hoping I won't get caught off guard when major feast days, novenas, and you know, things like LENT or ADVENT creep up! If this all sounds a bit over the top because I only have a fifteen month old and another yet to make their appearance, it's kind of a big project and I have a lot to learn about the different saints and seasons myself, so I thought I'd get a headstart.

And here is an edited photo of Teacup's Easter photo shoot!

That's about all I've been accomplishing. Thanks for sticking around ;)

Have you ever had any strange/fun/exciting nesting projects? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. During my second pregnancy, the nesting was so severe I would get up in the middle of the night to organize baby clothes. :) But then, my house was a lot smaller, so I didn't have as much to clean and organize as I do now! :)
    It's so exciting that you're getting this close to meeting the new baby! I can't wait. :)

    1. That is so funny! I don't think I could ever sacrifice my sleep though :) We are getting so so excited, and I'm feeling much better about the state of the house now.