Saturday, July 25, 2015

7 QTs: Nursing Session Ramble

Rosie wakes up two to three times a night to nurse. It's not that bad, really, and I take advantage of the time by catching up on my blog reading. Thursday night, one blog spurred a fantastically long stream of conscience, keeping me awake for about an hour. Perfect quick take material. So, linking up with Kelly, as I attempt to remember my ridiculous thoughts from the wee hours of the morning,

1. Confession: this actually started with facebook. Haley posted, "Lately I'm all about Marquette. And typing that I subconsciously said it like "all about that bass." (from the archives for NFP Awareness Week)"

That song immediately got stuck in my head. Which is kind of funny because I've only heard it a handful of times at a dance rehearsal I photographed. Before I heard the song though, I saw the title written on the dance schedule and immediately pronounced "bass" in my head like the fish. Because girls dancing to a song about a fish makes total sense... 

I also may or may not have asked someone if the group doing "All that Bass" had performed yet. And yes, said "Bass" like the fish...

2. I settle Rosie back down and attempt to fall asleep while "all that bass, all that bass" continues on repeat in my sleepy head. I realize I have to pee. TMI? Sorry, but I'm forging onward with this one, but only due to the fact that it's NFP awareness week. I mean, really, it's for a good cause ;) But, I can't pee yet, because like Haley, we are all about Marquette over here at the moment. And it was 5:30 am, and my testing window doesn't start till 6:20. 

3. So now I can't sleep because I have music blasting in my brain and I have to pee

4. Naturally I start thinking about my new camera. It arrived on Wednesday and I hadn't gotten much chance to play with it. Basically, it's like my old camera, but fancier, and because I'm spoiled, my husband let me upgrade. I told him it could be my Christmas and Birthday present for the next ten years. I have a friend who gets labor presents, so it could also be my labor gift for the next ten children. You know, whatever works. 

Actually, it's not %100 frivolous. I've been participating in some studio sessions with a friend, and we are hoping to make it a very part time business down the road. Right now she has a backdrop stand, I have some backdrops, we both have a couple lights, and some "big girl" cameras. So there is some potential that I could make the cost of the camera back. Someday :) 

It's a full frame camera, and lets in a lot more light than my old one. This allows me a lot more freedom while taking indoor shots of my girls without the flash. It also fits a lot more in the picture so I don't have to stand so ridiculously far away with my 50 mm lens. 

Anywho, here are some pictures just from playing around and I'll stop boring you with details about the camera. 

Tummy Time for Rosie!

This is still underexposed, but I never would have captured this indoors with my old camera!

Oh, hello cutie.

5. After I finish thinking about the camera and thinking about planning photo sessions with friends, and improving my grasp on light and just about anything else I can obsess over this darned camera, I realize that this was the first time Rosie had gotten up for the night! Wow, that means she skipped her 3:30 feeding, and I got... wait for it... six hours of uninterrupted sleep!? I smile in bed. Probably another reason why I can't fall asleep because I'm actually rested. She's sleeping through the night, I realize. That also makes me laugh (silently). I remember when Ellie was small, and someone asked if she was sleeping through the night. She was five months old. Wildly, I stared at them and gasped, "No!? Should she be?". I then discovered that "sleeping through the night" means five to six hours of uninterrupted sleep. Not eight. I'm not sure who came up with five to six hours being the new sufficient amount of healthy sleep, but I suppose for some parents it brings a false sense of security? I mean, really, after five hours, I'm still realllly tired, but now I can sigh and say, " but at least she's sleeping through the night." 

6. I'm usually more of a night owl than a morning person. Although, sometimes I go to bed at 10, so maybe I'm neither. Maybe I'm just a person that likes to sleep. All. The. Time? But, I always cringed when reading about bloggers who woke up in the wee hours of the morning to find time to write, or mom's who just had to get stuff done, so they woke up an hour before their kids. Me? Nope. I sleep in just as long as they let me and then drag myself around for the next hour, managing to feed the little birds and sometimes myself. It's a healthy routine. 

But after this wild ride of my mind whirring endlessly at 5:30 am, I thought, hey, maybe I could do this? My brain does work this early. Who knew!? 

7. Then I notice I don't have the song pounding through my head anymore. Rosie's still sleeping. Ellie hasn't stirred. Maybe, I'll just drift back for a little while...I mean, that song is gone and all. Wait, what was that song? Oh yeah, "All about that bass". Oh.... great. 

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  1. Ha! I dont' know if I've ever heard "all about that bass," anyway, I don't remember it well enough for it to get stuck in my head. phew! And I'm a sleep all the time person too! Not really a night owl, not really a morning person. Well, I do love being up early in the morning, but only when I've gotten enough sleep, and when does that ever happen?