Monday, September 21, 2015

The Pope is Here!

Last Sunday, during the homily, our Pastor stated that the U.S. President may arguably be the most powerful man in the world, but the Pope is, without question, the most important man in the world.

And the current pope, Pope Francis, is making his first trip to the United States RIGHT NOW!

There are so many lovely ladies writing posts this week surrounding Pope Francis' visit. I'm linking up with them here. 

In 2002 I was privileged to attend WYD in Toronto where Pope St John Paul II celebrated mass in three different languages, and spoke to well over a million youth as he suffered from advanced Parkinson disease.

So young

bits from my scrapbook

In 2006 I waited for hours before dawn, at the gates of St. Peter's Square, for a papal audience with Pope Benedict XIV.

Now, in 2015, Pope Francis is IN my own country, and I won't be seeing him. Actually, not only will he be here in the U.S., but he will be an hour from my house when he stops in D.C.

Don't worry, it's not because I'm not a fan of the current pope. Granted, his charism is much different than his predecessors, and although I'm still learning more about Pope Francis, I am a BIG fan of his obvious love for his flock and his natural humility.

I'm not going because I have a new family full of tiny people. Ok, two tots might not merit the term "full", but we just weren't brave enough to face the crowds with a four month old and toddler just under two. So, we will be waiting to hear, with great anticipation, what Francis has to say to all the families of America at this World Meeting of Families from the comfort of our home.

I'll be welcoming Pope Francis from home with these two cuties :) 
If, like us, you are unable to see the pope in person please follow what he has to say from reliable resources. Mainstream media has made Pope Francis into their liberal Catholic darling, but, although breaking away from some traditions that previously made the pope seem less accessible, he is the pope of the universal Catholic church, and will not be making changes on the church's stances on abortion, contraception, or marriage no matter how CNN or NBC twist the papal father's words. So, please, please follow the holy father's journey via EWTN or, from members of the Mid-Atlantic Conference of the Catholic Women Bloggers Network (CWBN) by visiting "A Walk In Words With Pope Francis"!


  1. What a beautiful post welcoming Pope Francis into your own home! I love your reminder to follow his visit from reliable resources! Thanks for letting us take a peak into your heart!

  2. Well said!!
    Hope you have fun introducing your toddler to the Pope!

  3. How cool you were there for the last two popes!!! I'm like you, with Pope Francis, enjoying it all from afar with my little cuties too. Such an exciting time!! :)