Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Toddler Tip of the Day 2

Feeding a toddler is sort of like mud wrestling. You just know it's gonna be messy. Completely unavoidable.

Hummos. With a spoon. Pointless....

Therefore, if you attempt to feed your toddler before errands, a playdate, or anything involving being out of the home, commence feeding a full two hours before the event.

Because there will be hair gunk, and fingernail gunk, and nose gunk, and food in crevices you didn't know existed. Oh, and toddlers can spend a. long. time. eating.

And she's just getting started...

Start time: 11:06 am

Projected end time (with full cleaning): 12:45 LATEST!

Because we have somewhere to be at 1. Gonna happen? Unlikely :)

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