Thursday, May 7, 2015

Due Date!

Tomorrow is my due date! With my first, I was busy still working at the bank and in the middle of signing papers for an offer on our house, so I really didn't have time to experience the impatience and anxiety that comes with waiting for a baby. I was perfectly happy to have her stay put, snuggled inside. I felt that way with this one, to some extent, up until this past Monday. My sister was due to arrive Monday afternoon and she is graciously staying with us for two weeks. We really wanted someone to be here so we could leave Ellie home and not have to worry about waking her in the middle of the night. So now that my sister is here, and I've finished up a lot of my loose projects, I'm completely ready for this baby to come! I want to meet her! Looking at pictures of Mamas who have just met their own sweet, new one only increase my impatience. Don't get me wrong, I'm not looking forward to the labor and delivery part. I'm blessedly not that uncomfortable, so that's not really what's driving my desire for baby to grace us with her presence. But, I can't wait to hear that first sweet wail, experience that first snuggle right on my chest, and kiss her sweet forehead for the first time!

Please keep us in your prayers!