Sunday, August 30, 2015

WIWS and 7 QTs

Linking up with Fine Linen and Purple this week for WIWS and Kelly for 7 QTs. Two in one, BAM, because I can't manage to get out more than one post every two weeks.

1. Speaking of minimal posting, I am in awe of this woman. I only have two tiny tots, my house is a mess, and I maybe write a nothing of substance post about once a month. I'm not trying to compare myself, but she really won a large bit of my admiration for her honesty and the precious time she sacrificed to share her experiences on having a large family. What I took away: lotsa of LOVE there, many sacrifices, and a full LIFE.

2. I think I'd post more if I walked around with a voice recorder. I'd also look a little more crazy. But, seriously, I think I come up with my best content when I'm driving in the car, rocking a baby to sleep, or standing in the shower. All times where I'm unable to jot things down. This is why you never read anything interesting; by the time I sit down to type, I can't remember a thing. You believe me, right?

3. Toddler Tip of the Week: If you don't have the patience to teach your toddler to drink out of an adult cup (because who has time to clean up puddles of water or change soaking clothes), but said toddler insists, or DEMANDS to drink out of a cup and refuses her sippy, please observe exhibit A:

Exhibit A: A sippy inside a "big girl" cup

There is no Exhibit B. I'm probably going against all parenting advice and stunting her development by putting off teaching drinking out of an adult cup, but it's saving some sanity at the moment.

4. Two of my dear friends had babies this month! Faith had her first little boy and Jenn had her first little girl. Visit their blogs to satisfy your baby fever. Or fuel it.

5. I don't know how it's possibly, but these two get cuter and cuter everyday. They also love each other so far, which is A. W. E. S. O. M. E.


Brushing Auntie Christine's hair

6. Funniest Post of the Week IMHO: Oh, and we are never getting a pet, exotic or not. Psst... I kind of always think her posts are the funniest of everything: week, month, year.

7. Finally, here is what I wore this Sunday.

Top: A.N.A. by J.C. Penny, skirt: J. Crew, Shoes: old. I could have sworn my skirt was pulled up a little higher on my waist..

I can't remember the last time I tucked in my shirt. Sad, right? I don't know if it's because I predominantly grew up in the 90's grunge era, or if it was my aversion to my middle school uniform, but I've never felt comfortable with my shirt tucked in. But, I'm kind of liking this shirt. It also works untucked with jeans.

Matching outfits for the girls, courtesy of my mom :) 

Remember my capsule wardrobe? I had it all set right? Well, then I went shopping again. But I really had to. I found several tiny holes in a few of my shirts in rotation. They all appear on the lower abdomen area. Not really sure what happens there to cause the tiny holes, but apparently it's a mom phenomenon. These ladies talked about it in their Podcast. So I picked up three new summer tops to replace some of my old shirts and a new pair of jeans, since my favorite pair was getting a hole in... umm the crotch. Not something you can really patch or hide...But, my new pair of jeans are flared! I loveeee flared jeans. Clothing style I miss most from high school (read: only clothing style I miss from highschool. Bared midrifts, polo shirts, super short, tight shorts/skirts=shudder).

Thanks for sticking around!!!