Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Little Flower and a Book Club

Today is St. Therese's feast day! Everyone is talking about her or praying a novena it seems, so I figured I'd jump on board the Little Flower's train.

St. Therese actually isn't a saint I know a ton about and I've always been meaning to read more. Sure, I know she was this amazing woman who grew up in a lovely, fairly privileged home in France, became a nun, and professed that doing all little things with love was the way to go. Oh and roses. She has something to do with roses ;)

A beautiful quote from the saint herself, "I  know of one means only by which to attain to perfection: LOVE. Let us love, since our heart is made for nothing else." Here she refers to Christ, because Christ is Love as Pope Paul VI states so well, "What is the discovery to which man of faith comes when he seeks the profound and complete sense of Divine Revelation? This discovery is love. God has above all revealed Himself as being Love. The whole history of salvation, the whole Gospel is love."

But I want to know more. Her parents are up for sainthood too, so they must have had a pretty incredible family life.

So this month I joined an online book club reading I Believe in Love by Fr. Jean C. J. D'elbee. If you want to join up, go here! I'm planning on reading and then also getting together with some local ladies to discuss and enjoy some tea, or um, wine? I'm sure St. Therese would approve of some nice, sweet Rose :)

I'm also finishing up my novena today with some very special intentions. It's the first novena I think I've actually said every day and not forgotten halfway (or the second day). I know... that's pretty pathetic, but baby steps, baby steps. Also, I signed up for nice little reminders through Pray More Novenas and get them sent to my inbox. So, cheating a bit? Nah.

Interested in reading a bit more about St. Therese?

Learn more about her beautiful life here.

Her autobiography, Story of a Soul, is on my reading list.

I loved this woman's testimony about the power of prayer through St. Therese.

Learn about how this writer came to love St. Therese.

Share with me some of your favorite things about St. Therese! Oh, and go treat yourself, and buy some roses. Especially if your fall day is as dreary and gloomy as ours!

Naptime, perfect for blogging and reading, and ignoring the laundry