Saturday, February 27, 2016

7 QTs: Late Again

It's been a month since I posted. Again. Blogging just hasn't been making it onto the To-Do list. It's not that we've been terribly busy, but I've had a few other personal projects that have filled up my limited down time.

For Lent, I absented myself from Facebook again. How original, I know. But for those of you  who normally keep up to date with our little life via FB, I directed you to follow the blog which was just silly. Because there haven't been any updates here! I'm sorry.

Linking up with Kelly for 7 quick takes on our generally unexciting, but wonderful life from the last week  :)

1. Monday was a little rough. I told J that teacup 1 kindly entered the terrible two phase so I could have an extremely productive Lent and have lots of opportunities for sacrifice. Monday was filled with tantrum's galore, and when I wasn't rolling my eyes, taking deep breaths, or huffing and puffing, I attempted to offer it up for my friends and family who've asked us to pray for them.

Anyway, J has been AMAZING with our two year old going on sixteen, and with me. He took both girls after he worked a full day in the office, and told me to go do something for myself. It's amazing what 25 minutes of reading, wrapped up in a blanket, locked in the bedroom can do! He told me to stay in there longer, but I was starting to feel a little guilty about leaving him with the screams. So yeah, he's been awesome.

2. Teacup 1 is still awesome too. She's starting to stretch her imagination and play pretend. Mostly dialogue goes something like this:

Teacup, shaking finger at Dora: Naughty little girl. Naughty! No hit. No bite! Naughty little girl.

Dora, taken over to Tinkerbell: I sorry Tinbell, I sorry.

Teacup: Punzel (Rapunzel) go in timeout! Punzel in timeout.

My girly girl

I vacillate between feeling guilty that her conversations revolve around punishment and hope that maybe, just maybe, she's starting to understand.... She spends a pretty good chunk of her day apologizing to her sister for Dora's same crimes.

3. I bought a book. The Happiest Toddler on the Block. So far I've learned that my toddler is on the level of a primitive caveman and I should appeal to the right side of her brain. So I've taken to shouting into her right ear, JK!

4. My friend and I are starting the Rory Gilmore reading challenge. It should last the rest of our lives. It's over 300 books or something. But, we are starting with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I thought I read this quite a few years ago, but now I'm not sure. I love it though! Betty Smith writes phenomenally! I feel like I see and hear exactly what Francie Nolan (main character) does. It is very descriptive, but perfectly so. Every word is so intentional.

5. I was reading a different book, Outlander, but had to return it. I was so disappointed by it. It's got time travel, 17th century Scotland, and a love story. Oh, but boy is it heavy on the "love" story. Let's just call it a Romance novel, which really isn't my thing. I also really wasn't connecting with the characters, they seemed kind of flat, so I decided my time might be better spent moving onto something else.

6. The girls and I went to the library this week. Teacup 1 got a whole slew of new books. She's pretty into Fancy Nancy, whom she calls Fancy Fancy. We also got out Babar, another Olivia book, and some more Curious George. I picked out  The Island of the Skog by Steven Kellog because I remembered loving it when I was younger, but probably older than Teacup because so far she hasn't been too impressed. Teacup 2 enjoyed the outing, but she mostly just eats books at this point, so all the library books are out of reach for now.

Occasionally she reads to herself :) 

Slippers also apparently taste good

7. The girls are getting a little better about playing with each other every day.

Riding in a box: Favorite activity

What's wrong with this picture?

Teacup 2 adeptly pulls herself up on everything now and just yesterday started letting go and standing on her own for a few seconds. She's already bigger than her sister was at a year, and she's only 9 months old.

Who knows, maybe I'll get around to posting on Sunday to link up with Rosie!


  1. So sorry to hear you didn't like Outlander. I'm a huge fan of the series! I loved Gilmore Girls, but haven't heard of the Rory list - I'll have to check that out! PS - I grew up on Babar (our mom was a French teacher) - We had SO many of those books, and my son's nursery was Babar themed - Hope your girls love him.

    1. It's so funny, it really seems like the Outlander series is one of those love it or hate it books. I have lots of friends who have recommended it! Gilmore Girls is one of my favorites though :) We have an old Babar stuffed animal that was mine growing up, so I'm hoping he will help foster some more love for the books.

  2. Oh. my. goodness.

    I felt the exaaaact same way about Outlander. I'd heard many good things about it, checked it out, got about 100 pages in and stopped. Normally I'll try to finish a book, push through it, but I couldn't. The whole story, the characters, it all felt so flat like you said, and then it got gross. :P

    Your photos are beautiful, and your babies just the cutest! I miss getting together and talking photography... maybe someday again! ♥