Sunday, March 13, 2016

WIWS: Rain, Veiled Statues, and Family

Sneaking in again to join up with Rosie for WIWS because I really don't want to let her down ;)

My family stopped in for a quick weekend visit, so we had my dad photograph and got a whole family picture. It was a little drizzly, so I opted to wear my hair up... baaadddd idea. baaaadddd idea. Just brings back memories of too tight pony tails in the 1998. Oh well.

Cardi: Target, Dress: NY& Co, Scarf: gift from awesome sister, Shoes: Kohls. 

If I was on top of my game, I would have a veil by now for the tridentine mass we've been frequenting for about a year. And I know it's not the point, but then I wouldn't have to worry about my hair ;)

It's Passiontide already! How did that happen? The veiled statues made Teacup 1 a bit upset. She was devastated that she couldn't see baby Jesus when we went up for communion, and cried out quite audibly, "I WANT JESUS!". Me too darling, me too.

Later she decided Jesus was wearing a purple dress which apparently consoled her.

Hop over to Rosie's for much more fashionable outfits than mine ;)


  1. Your pony looks great. Our church doesn't veil any of the statues, which makes me sad!!

  2. Aw I love the family picture! And I think your hair looks cute :) I *will* admit somewhat selfishly that yes, a veil or hat really does keep me from worrying about my hair, which is really nice!

    And Jesus's purple dress! Love it :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. Teacup #1 is totally like, "Uncle Sam wants YOU to feed me lunch now!" :)
    I miss you guys!

  4. Your pony looks MUCH nicer than mine ever does (thank you tiny frizzy pieces that will NOT stay in place). Also, LOVE that shade of sweater on you, I have such a hard time with any shade of the yellow/mustard family, just doesn't look good with the red in my skin. Maybe a skirt...let me know if you ever see a long mustard skirt! ;)
    Also, we go to the Trid mass regularly, and I'll occasionally wear a hat, but the veil just frustrated me more than anything. I need to find some more summer hats that are low profile, as I have several big floppy ones, but feel like that defeats the "don't be distracted by me" aspect of veiling/hat-ing, lol.

  5. Oh how I love a mustard sweater! And that scarf is tons of fun!

  6. I love wearing my hair up for sooo many reasons... it's out of the way, it can look super elegant, and so on. But... but... how is there time with a toddler? And the aching scalp after an hour or so. :P