Saturday, May 21, 2016

7 QTs: Toddler Talking, What I'm Reading, and Fire Alarms

Linking up with Kelly for another round up of 7 Quick Takes. Please excuse the non artistic photography.

1. Things Every Homeowner Should Do: Test your smoke alarm. When I finally got up there I noticed it said to test it WEEKLY! I thought I'd heard once a month, but maybe I was wrong?

Regardless, this is the first time I've tested it...

We've been here two years.

2. Things Every Homeowner Should Know: If you are going to test your smoke alarm, make sure you have extra batteries.

Otherwise, that smoke alarm you have never tested, will suddenly realize the battery is low and chirp at you. All. Night. Long.

3. Things Most Homeowners Have Already Done: Decorated. After two years I finally got a picture collage of sorts up. There are two pictures in the frames. There are six frames.

Where I also proclaim to the world that I am have no interior design skills

It should be done by 2018.

4. Things Most Homeowners Don't Do: Take seven months to choose a paint color for their walls. They probably also don't paint multiple samples all over their kitchen walls if they know they won't be making a decision for some time.

I thought the test spots added a little oomph. We chose the color on the far right and left in case you wanted to know ;) 
Also, it may have been longer than seven months.

5. What I'm Reading: Joan of Arc by Mark Twain. St. Joan of Arc is my confirmation saint, and I can't believe I've never read this! My Mother in law loaned it to me back in December. I must have been super sleep deprived (still nursing baby at the time), because the book seemed like gibberish to me. Finally picked it up again last week and I love it! Very refreshing story of a saint told by a non Catholic.

6. Also What I'm Reading: Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis. This is the second book in my monthly book club. We will be finishing up A Severe Mercy and then starting on this one. I'm also enjoying this one, although it's not what I expected at all. Sort of a Greek-like tragedy in novel form?

7. Toddlers have fool proof arguments: Teacup 1 picking her nose and proceeding to eat her boogers

J: Don't eat your boogers. They are yucky!
E: (licking booger, undeterred) But I like boogers!!!!

It's also hard to argue with someone who doesn't wear pants. 

This is the kid that spit out delicious blueberries.

Bonus: Pictures of the new resident toddler, otherwise known as wild woman!


  1. i found "joan of arc" so powerful but in a surprisingly quiet way. her life was crazy, crazy, crazy, and twain did such a good job bringing out the strength of peace that accompanied her.

    i haven't read "till we have faces" yet but i keep hearing such good things about it!

    and oh my goodness, i just LOVE that last picture of you and baby. ♥

  2. Joan of Arc has been on my to-read list for AGES. I think i finally need to actually just go ahead and read it!

  3. I'll come help you paint and decorate! Favorite things, but don't have anything left to do at my house.