Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Sunday Best v.2: A Week Overdue

Linking up with Rosie for My Sunday Best, as the mommy blogging world attempts to overtake shirtless man under most popular search for "my sunday best" (you don't really need to know, don't worry). 

This is actually from last week, because I was late getting last week's post up and I didn't get a picture today. It's been raining and raining and raining, so my outfit from today admittedly wasn't very interesting anyway. 

Blazer: HM (old), Skirt: Target, Top: NY & Co

My sister had a really cute outfit on for mass, but she changed before I could grab a snapshot. I complained that she was going to be a guest outfit on the blog, and I think this just made her more relived that she had already jumped into jeans. 

The blazer I'm wearing is SO old, but I pulled it out after reading a blog from one of the past link ups. The author, Andrea, recommended pulling out a blazer to dress things up, and since it's been on the chilly side, it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I think I bought it in college, so yeah, OLD. 

Last week my family was in town! I love when they visit! I suddenly have magical little elves in my house who entertain my children for hours on end and clean my kitchen. I really like hanging out with them too ;) 

The girls were pretty good during mass, but Teacup 1 still had some memorable moments. 

#1. We usually bring a couple books for her to look at during mass, but didn't bring a religious themed one this week. The result? She "read" If you Give a Cat a Cupcake audibly through the traditional mass. 

#2. We tried to gently shush her when she got just a tad too loud. Her response: "Shhhh. Jesus is sleeping". 

#3. After ripping off her shoes and socks, she proudly proclaimed, "I painted me toenails!". Then she points to the praying woman behind us, and says "She paint her fingernails!". 

We also celebrated Teacup 2's birthday a little more, because we like birthdays to go on all week/month.
Getting tired of partying

And it's my parents' anniversary this weekend! Happy Anniversary! 

Aren't they cute? :) :) 


  1. If it's any comfort, we couldn't hear her reading ;)
    Your parents are so cute!
    I'm SO behind on ANY kind of post, outfit or otherwise...think anyone would notice a sunny pic from a few weeks ago? (can this monsoon season please end? thanks)

  2. All of my blazers are from college, too! Which means they're rather snug ;) What a fun visit you guys had - happy birthday to your sweet #2!

    And I would have DIED hearing #1 reciting that book ;) We've definitely had similar things happen!

  3. Love your "magical little elves" comment! That's how I feel when relatives visit too. Glad you had a great weekend (and got outside in the little bit of sunshine between the rain!)

  4. I love the blazer over that cute ruffled top. Perfect combo.

  5. oh that sweet sleeping baby. ♥