Sunday, July 17, 2016

My Sunday Best: Vol 3

I have a lot to catch up on. Lots of pictures to edit and memories to record. We aren't involved in a lot of structured activities, yet somehow, or summer has been filled to the brim.

Some highlights from May and June:

We took the girls to their first MLB game. Which makes me laugh a little since I went to my first MLB game when I was in college. The Cardinals played the Nationals, and J's company was kind enough to make a family day so we could all attend. One of our splurges at home is subscribing to the MLB ticket since we don't have cable, so the girls are used to seeing baseball games. They were so good at the actual game! We stayed the whole time and boy was it hot!

J's parents sent the girls matching Cardinals' shirts. They loved being twins!

 Rosie was kind enough to lend us a hiking backpack so we could take the girls on their first significant trail. I'd say three miles round trip with a baby on your back isn't anything to scoff at. The trail had awesome views, so the payoff was very good.

In June we traveled down to AL to visit J's grandma and then back up to TN for a week in Gatlinburg with J's immediate family. Nine kids and nine adults under one roof made an exciting and fun filled stay. The house was perfect for us with 7 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, perched on the edge of the mountain, and three decks to look over the Smoky Mountains.

Storm coming in

Nighttime after storm. Rising mist (smoke)

clear day

We went on a couple more hikes.

Clingman's Dome paved trail

The views are amazing... when there's no fog... (Top of Clingman's Dome)

Smoky Mountain National Park Drive
Girl Cousins

Riding in a box is always in style. Whether at home or on vacation. 

They all look relatively happy :) All the cousins. 

Highlights from July:

J had his 30th birthday! We had some friends from out of town, including one of J's best friends who shares his birthday. So a double bash we threw.

J's company once again arranged another fantastic family day at Hershey Park. We met my family there and the girls enjoyed rides, the zoo, and spending time with their grandparents and aunt and uncle.

And, finally, my Sunday best, although, probably not my best. After mass, after we picked up some delicious cheeseburgers, and after I woke the baby up from her short nap in the car.

Top: Old Navy, Skirt: Gap (probably over ten years ago...), Shoes: Target
Teacup 2: Dress: Carters + post nap grumpy face.
Teacup 1: Dress: hand me down. Face: No idea. 
Head over to Rosie's for some classy, sassy Sunday outfits, and check out Rosie's July no pants challenge (which.... does not entail not wearing bottoms, but rather only wearing skirts or dresses for the entire month;) ).

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  1. I'm amazed the girls made it through an entire baseball game! Andrew took Cecilia and John Paul to a game in town and Cecilia was too tired to stay for the whole thing...

    Also, I kind of think the best denim skirts are from like, 10 years ago. I bought one used and found out it was from 2005! But it was perfect - there are so many weird, quirky things about the new styles (buttons down the front? does nobody have toddlers who want to unbutton them ALL?!).