Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Midweek Doldrums

This morning the girls woke up an hour earlier than usual. Teacup 2 was up multiple times throughout the night to nurse. Two coffee cups into the day, I was still dragging myself around like a zombie.

I try not to complain too much here in blogger world. But, I'm not trying to sugarcoat my life either. And it's definitely not to make anyone think I have "it all together". It's just that if I'm going to put something out there, I usually want to send out a little more happiness or love into the world. But sometimes sharing love also includes honesty, and if I'm going to open a window into our life, I should probably keep it real :)

We have two beautiful little girls. But some days I swear they plan together to conspire against me. Or against each other. Teacup 1's latest favorite pastime is smacking Teacup 2 on the head.

My two imps

Tonight we had leftovers, minimally cleaned up the kitchen, and then watched 4 episodes of shows on Netflix. Yes, FOUR. With the girls around. GASP!

Some days are hard. Some days you have to do somethings you wouldn't normally do (like zoning out in front of the TV) to get by. But ALL days have one thing in common. All of our days are filled with love.

When the kids are giving us a hard time, it gives my husband and I a chance to lean on each other. To show each other some love by volunteering to change that diaper again even though we are exhausted. To offer to clean the kitchen even though he's been in the office all day.

When Teacup 1 smacks her sister, it gives me the opportunity to show her how to be a loving sister. I discipline her because I want her to be a kind person because I love her.

Poor girl. She's getting a little big for this chair, but she's safe from big sister! 
When things get really rough, it gives me the chance to cry out in my despair to my all loving, heavenly, Father. To humbly return to our sweet Lord who always has His hands outstretched to comfort and console our weary hearts. When I am most humbled is, some might think ironically, when I realize I need Him the most.
Even on days like these ;) 
We are always surrounded by love and that makes even the most mundane and exhausting days absolutely incredible! So, despite the complaints, even the tough parts of parenthood are something to be grateful for, and those tough parts, might just be the parts that make this journey oh so worth it :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snowpocalypse 2016

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All has been rather quiet on the blogging front over here. I've attempted to put household duties, making lots of homemade meals, playing with the girls and exercising first. Blogging more was one of my many New Year's goals, but alas, it's been placed on the back burner.

HOWEVER, we had quite the weekend down here in Virginia. Just about three feet of snow dumped all over the state from snowstorm Jonas. Thankfully, we were fine, safe and warm, and kept our power. Jeremy and I spent a couple days shoveling out our rather short driveway, and also managed to build a few snowmen with Teacup 1.

She loved it out there! I was pretty surprised. She can be funny about things. Last October we went to Charleston and were really excited to take her to the beach. She could NOT handle the sand. Or the water really...

But the snow!

She came inside and excitedly told her little sister all about it: "Jacket, boots, we make snow angels, SNOWMAN!"

Teacup 2 wasn't quite as excited about the weather.

It's warmer here now, around 50, so the snow is melting fast.

Hope everyone had fun and stayed safe!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015 recap

Merry Christmas! Did you know liturgically, it's still the Christmas season? The twelve days of Christmas finish up on the epiphany, but Catholics technically get to celebrate till February 2nd! So keep up that tree, leave out that nativity, and keep playing that Christmas music. I mean really, it would be pretty silly to celebrate Jesus' birth for only one day, right? Oh and for procrastinators everywhere, now you still have a chance to mail out cards ;)

We spent our holidays out in MO, visiting hubby's family. The girls enjoyed spending time with their grandparents and running wild with their cousins (ok Rosie mostly just watched and squealed with delight). 

It was unseasonably warm, but rained and rained and RAINED. Unfortunately it caused severe flooding all over the St. Louis area. Our prayers go out to all the families driven from their homes during the holidays.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas Season and Happy New Year from our little family to yours!