Sunday, March 13, 2016

WIWS: Rain, Veiled Statues, and Family

Sneaking in again to join up with Rosie for WIWS because I really don't want to let her down ;)

My family stopped in for a quick weekend visit, so we had my dad photograph and got a whole family picture. It was a little drizzly, so I opted to wear my hair up... baaadddd idea. baaaadddd idea. Just brings back memories of too tight pony tails in the 1998. Oh well.

Cardi: Target, Dress: NY& Co, Scarf: gift from awesome sister, Shoes: Kohls. 

If I was on top of my game, I would have a veil by now for the tridentine mass we've been frequenting for about a year. And I know it's not the point, but then I wouldn't have to worry about my hair ;)

It's Passiontide already! How did that happen? The veiled statues made Teacup 1 a bit upset. She was devastated that she couldn't see baby Jesus when we went up for communion, and cried out quite audibly, "I WANT JESUS!". Me too darling, me too.

Later she decided Jesus was wearing a purple dress which apparently consoled her.

Hop over to Rosie's for much more fashionable outfits than mine ;)

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Spring is Springing!

Joining up again with Kelly for 7 QTs. I apologize for lacking in original content, but link ups are better than nothing right? 

1. Overall, I'm not a fan of time changes. Whether it's due to Daylight Savings or time zones, because: BEDTIME! But, springing forward is less painful these days than falling back. Oh how the times have changed. Oh how old it makes me feel :) Because there is no such thing as an extra hour of sleep as a parent. Here's to hoping, this means they really will transition to one hour later in the morning!

This little bugger is 10 months already! 

2. In the sleep department, we actually are doing WORLDS better than just a week ago. Which probably means I shouldn't have opened my big mouth and uttered a teeny tiny word, but right now we are REJOICING! And, I'm like a new mama. Teacup 2 gave up nursing completely this week and now she SLEEPS! ALL NIGHT!!! What!?!? I know, it doesn't make any sense. I said to J, "I should have given this up earlier" and he just looked at me and reminded me how he had been saying this for ages. Teacup 2 was just kind of a bear to nurse in the first place, her entire life, so apparently I was just nailing my own coffin. She is 10 months and this is the first time I've had more than 3.5 hours straight of sleep in who knows how long. Let alone five nights straight of 6+ uninterrupted sleep. 

3. It's gorgeous here this week. My favorite weather: sunny and 65-75. Perfect. Bliss. The girls thought so too. Teacup 2 sat in the grass probably for the first time and thought ripping fist fulls of grass up was the best thing EVA.

4. Let's talk about Toddlers. And you can all share your wisdom. Teacup 1 is 25 months and has the vocabulary of a 3 year old. She's great. Funny, starting with her imagination, and let's just say determined. She loves the new weather, but isn't dealing well with her wardrobe change. She does NOT appreciate all the cute short sleeved shirts I got her on clearance last summer because she doesn't recognize them. The skirts however, those are fine. So each morning I have battled a topless toddler into wearing SOMETHING! Even if it's a striped onesie with floral leggings.

Or we just stay in our pajamas all hours of the day since that's easier
5. Because everyone loves talking politics so much, I shall share my favorite campaign ad. It really should help you decide on who you want to be president. Even if you aren't undecided. Oh, except Trump. Don't look at Trump, it kind of makes him look good... you know, relatively. 

6. Binge watched Season 3 of Mr. Selfridge. If you liked Downton Abbey because of the clothes, this BBC show is mostly set in an early twentieth century department store.... sooo yeah, lots of awesome, amazing clothes. Lots of drama. Really enjoying it. It's on Amazon Prime.  

7. I made chicken stock and felt all kinds of domestic. It was pretty tough, chopped up an onion or two, garlic, bay leaves, some acv and salt, and tossed it all in the slow cooker with the chicken carcass for 24 hours on low. The hardest part was straining everything out after, but really didn't take long. If I can do this, you can too ;)

Sending you over to Kelly's to read more QTs! Oh, this blog is always my favorite for QTs. You should follow her too! 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Running, Blogging woes, and Linking up: WIWS

I typed an entire post that took me a decent amount of time, and blogger decided it wasn't worthy of the internets, because it didn't save a thing. Despite hitting the save button a billion times (ok, probably not a billion, but a lot), it's forever lost.

The other one was a lot more interesting than this one because honestly, I just don't have the energy to recreate it. Although, the first might not have been all that interesting to begin with, which means you're in for a real doozy ;)

I'm kind of tired because Teacup 2 has given up nursing cold turkey. Which at first seemed like a great thing until I got all sore and uncomfortable, so I'm pumping. Exclusively pumping is a special kind of hell. And I think all you moms (my cousin, ahem) who have started out that way are total rockstars and the most incredibly giving people walking the face of the planet. I don't have to pump too often since she is eating so much food, but it's still a little time consuming.

Some gratuitous chubby baby extremities to make you smile and not feel too bad for me

The other reason I'm tired is because I ran a 5k Saturday morning with my friend, Katie! Ok, we ran about half of it and walked the rest, but it was so much fun! I'm definitely sore as this isn't something I was training for. We saw some really beautiful mountain views at the top of a killer hill after we left the electrical grid in the dust.

Oh, did I forget to mention it was 34 degrees?

Even though my original post was lost, I was determined to bang out SOMETHING because I wanted to link back up with Rosie again! She hosted What I Wore Sunday last week and it was so much fun! I got to meet lots of new bloggers and interact with readers through all the sweet comments you left. I've never been concerned with numbers on this tiny blog, it's just a place for me to keep family/friends updated, and have a little creative outlet, but it was really nice to hear from people reading. So thank you for the love!

The littles were wonderful at mass today. Teacup 2 slept most of it in the Ergo, so I actually got to pay attention for a bit. We had a guest priest preaching on vocations. I loved how he reminded each one of us to be passionate about our vocations no matter what they are: religious, marriage, or single. He also emphasized how important it is for us living in the world to live our vocations well since we come in contact with so many people. He argued that we can more extensively evangelize than most priests since he mostly preaches to people in the church who come because they want to be there. Way to put the pressure on ;)

On to what we wore! I figured Laetare Sunday was coming up, but forgot to check if it was this weekend, so I dressed two of us in pink and one in purple and figured someone would have dressed liturgically.

My diva

Silver sweater: Carters, Pink Sweater: hand me down, Leggies: gift

Pink Sweater: NY & Co, Pants: Express, Shoes: Apt 9, Baby Dress: Gymboree

Thanks for reading! I hope your Sunday was wonderful, and please hop on over to Rosie's blog to check out some other much more stylish ladies (and kids!). Don't forget to say hi when you stop in on their blogs in the comments :)