Sunday, April 17, 2016

Escaping the Noise

There is so much noise in our lives. And I'm actually not talking about the toddler screaming while running up and down the hallway, or the baby crying because she may NOT eat the cover of the magazine. I'm not even talking about the whir of the vacuum or the thumping of the dryer. I'm referring to all that electronic noise.

Sometimes it's television (via Netflix or Amazon over here), sometimes it's video games, but mostly it's the internet. It's on our phones, our portable laptops, and tablets. And it can surround us ALL day if we aren't careful. Or at least that's what I'm learning.

Over Lent, I took a break from facebook, and as sad as this sounds, I got a lot accomplished. I read books (follow me on Goodreads!), tried new recipes, and cleaned the house. Don't get me wrong, I was cooking and cleaning before, but I was pretty inefficient. But the biggest thing I noticed was my presence to my children. And this realization hurt a little bit.

Being a SAHM can be lonely sometimes. Especially for an extrovert when the only other humans in the house are mostly non-talking. Fortunately the 2 yo has exploded with words lately, but it's not the same as adult interaction. And I was trying to fill that with social media. Mom's groups, blog reading, ideas on Pinterest how to make your house prettier and cleaner (I've spent an inordinate amount of time reading about cleaning, and a pathetic amount of time actually cleaning).

And none of that is bad or wrong within reason. But I think my brain has been turning to mush. When it's quiet, and I'm rocking the baby, I try to have the Ipad nearby so I can read a blog. I justify it by telling myself I'm multitasking. But I could use that time in prayer. I tried it and it's like my brain is just spinning wheels in mud. I couldn't take the silence. That started to make me worried.

So I'm implementing Throwback Thursdays: Mothering like it's 1987.

Things my mom didn't have to worry about:

Knowing what ALL of her other friends were doing every 30 minutes (facebook newsfeed)

Questioning what the BEST system for doing Laundry is (Pinterest- and believe me, you'll find that there are many)

Shopping at home (Amazon...oh that's where all the money goes)

Maybe you get where I'm going with this?

Maybe not. Maybe I'm just crazy, and I should make a new 12 step program for internet addicts. And post it on Pinterest. Another thing my mom never had to worry about.

I also realize I'm sort of just contributing to the noise out there. Another voice, writing something someone else has to read.

Hopefully, I'll check back in next Friday with an update on how Thursday went. Or I'll be hiding in the closet with the Ipad's battery blinking on low as I voraciously scroll through my Bloglovin Feed. Hopefully not.
And experience more moments like these.