Sunday, May 22, 2016

My Sunday Best v.2: A Week Overdue

Linking up with Rosie for My Sunday Best, as the mommy blogging world attempts to overtake shirtless man under most popular search for "my sunday best" (you don't really need to know, don't worry). 

This is actually from last week, because I was late getting last week's post up and I didn't get a picture today. It's been raining and raining and raining, so my outfit from today admittedly wasn't very interesting anyway. 

Blazer: HM (old), Skirt: Target, Top: NY & Co

My sister had a really cute outfit on for mass, but she changed before I could grab a snapshot. I complained that she was going to be a guest outfit on the blog, and I think this just made her more relived that she had already jumped into jeans. 

The blazer I'm wearing is SO old, but I pulled it out after reading a blog from one of the past link ups. The author, Andrea, recommended pulling out a blazer to dress things up, and since it's been on the chilly side, it was the perfect opportunity to try it out. I think I bought it in college, so yeah, OLD. 

Last week my family was in town! I love when they visit! I suddenly have magical little elves in my house who entertain my children for hours on end and clean my kitchen. I really like hanging out with them too ;) 

The girls were pretty good during mass, but Teacup 1 still had some memorable moments. 

#1. We usually bring a couple books for her to look at during mass, but didn't bring a religious themed one this week. The result? She "read" If you Give a Cat a Cupcake audibly through the traditional mass. 

#2. We tried to gently shush her when she got just a tad too loud. Her response: "Shhhh. Jesus is sleeping". 

#3. After ripping off her shoes and socks, she proudly proclaimed, "I painted me toenails!". Then she points to the praying woman behind us, and says "She paint her fingernails!". 

We also celebrated Teacup 2's birthday a little more, because we like birthdays to go on all week/month.
Getting tired of partying

And it's my parents' anniversary this weekend! Happy Anniversary! 

Aren't they cute? :) :) 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

7 QTs: Toddler Talking, What I'm Reading, and Fire Alarms

Linking up with Kelly for another round up of 7 Quick Takes. Please excuse the non artistic photography.

1. Things Every Homeowner Should Do: Test your smoke alarm. When I finally got up there I noticed it said to test it WEEKLY! I thought I'd heard once a month, but maybe I was wrong?

Regardless, this is the first time I've tested it...

We've been here two years.

2. Things Every Homeowner Should Know: If you are going to test your smoke alarm, make sure you have extra batteries.

Otherwise, that smoke alarm you have never tested, will suddenly realize the battery is low and chirp at you. All. Night. Long.

3. Things Most Homeowners Have Already Done: Decorated. After two years I finally got a picture collage of sorts up. There are two pictures in the frames. There are six frames.

Where I also proclaim to the world that I am have no interior design skills

It should be done by 2018.

4. Things Most Homeowners Don't Do: Take seven months to choose a paint color for their walls. They probably also don't paint multiple samples all over their kitchen walls if they know they won't be making a decision for some time.

I thought the test spots added a little oomph. We chose the color on the far right and left in case you wanted to know ;) 
Also, it may have been longer than seven months.

5. What I'm Reading: Joan of Arc by Mark Twain. St. Joan of Arc is my confirmation saint, and I can't believe I've never read this! My Mother in law loaned it to me back in December. I must have been super sleep deprived (still nursing baby at the time), because the book seemed like gibberish to me. Finally picked it up again last week and I love it! Very refreshing story of a saint told by a non Catholic.

6. Also What I'm Reading: Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis. This is the second book in my monthly book club. We will be finishing up A Severe Mercy and then starting on this one. I'm also enjoying this one, although it's not what I expected at all. Sort of a Greek-like tragedy in novel form?

7. Toddlers have fool proof arguments: Teacup 1 picking her nose and proceeding to eat her boogers

J: Don't eat your boogers. They are yucky!
E: (licking booger, undeterred) But I like boogers!!!!

It's also hard to argue with someone who doesn't wear pants. 

This is the kid that spit out delicious blueberries.

Bonus: Pictures of the new resident toddler, otherwise known as wild woman!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Birthday Baby Doll!

Teacup 2 turned 1!

Some fun facts:

Nicknames: Baby Doll, Pudge Pudge

Favorite Food: Everything. Including grocery lists.

Favorite Activity: Eating and antagonizing her sister. Oh and screaming.

And making mischief 

Teeth: Eight

Least Favorite Activity: Diaper changes

Teacup 1 kept insisting it was her birthday now and to please sing to her. She also carried around the birthday cards saying, "My birfday presen". She did get very good at singing Happy Birthday though. We just had to sing it to her, too, after we sang to her sister. We tried reminding her that she had a lovely birthday party three months ago. We asked her if she remembered Gigi and Poppi coming and all her friends? She responded, "I never get to see my friends". She has a streak of the dramatic.

But enough about the big sister. What about the Birthday Girl!

I helped them make birthday crowns, which they wore for about thirty seconds. Teacup 2 then proceeded to rip hers to shreds. The only picture I snagged was with the Ipad, and it's blurry, but at least I have the memory. I'm in awe of people who can take fantastic pictures with their handheld devices. I don't have a smart phone yet, and I assume that might be easier than the Ipad since they are
smaller, but I don't know.

Best Friends

Teacup 1 and I made cupcakes for the birthday girl. Vanilla sour cream with buttercream frosting. They are THE. BEST. CUPCAKES I've ever had.

It took her a little while to warm up to the cupcake.

It was hilarious.

But after I slipped some frosting in her mouth, she decided it was okay.

I never wrote a birth story for either girl, but for those of you interested, some non gory deets:

The girls are 15 months apart. Teacup 2 is our second little miracle. She was a "surprise" technically, but no less desired than her sister. It took us a few years before we had Teacup 1 and a miscarriage, so we really didn't even know if we could have other children. God had other plans :)

Aside from progesterone support, my pregnancies were pretty normal and consistent. So were the births. Six hours of labor, 20ish minutes of pushing, and they both came out 6 lbs 10 oz. I've been fortunate that there really isn't too much else to share.

She has been such a joy, and I am so blessed to be called her mother!

One year ago <3 <3

Happy Birthday Baby Doll! We love you!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Sunday Best v.1 : Happy Mother's Day 2016

Happy Mother's Day! We had a gorgeous day today and squeezed in some pick up soccer after mass. But, before that we captured a couple of cute shots with my sweeties.

Linking up with Rosie for My Sunday Best.

Dress: NY & Co, Shoes: Liz Claiborne, Earrings: Gift, Girls' dresses: Kohls/gift

I want to wish my own amazing mom an incredible Mother's Day. I'm so sorry I couldn't be with you to pamper you and celebrate all you have done for us. I love you!

Happy Mother's day also to my godmother! I have been so blessed to have you in my life!

J spoiled me and made a delicious dinner. We just spent a great day all together with all the people (J included) who are the reason I'm a mother.

A few years ago Mother's day was beautiful, but bittersweet for me. About a year into marriage, I started getting anxious that a little one hadn't "just happened". It took a couple years, and we finally conceived, only to lose our first precious baby in an early miscarriage. The Mother's Day after that was especially hard. So I just want all of you who might be hoping and praying for their own children, or those of you who have lost a child, that I am praying for you. I see your mother's heart, and even if you can't hold one of your own here on Earth, please know your love and sacrifice is recognized! Praying that each of your desires be fulfilled.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

7 QTs: The Quick Takes That Never Happened

I've had posting for 7 Quick Takes on my To Do list for weeks... possibly months. I have numerous drafts with a handful of sentences. I glance back at them and the titles even seem slightly intriguing... but I'll be darned if I can remember the details!

I'm thinking if I can't even squeak out posts which are supposed to be quick, maybe I should just throw in the towel on this whole blogging thing? Is it even a blog if you post maybe once a month? I never did make the blog "pretty" and the whole layout screams WIP.

But having a streamlined blog, or being a high profile blogger was never my intent with this space, so I'll probably just keep popping up every now and then to say hello, I'm still alive, and here are some pictures because we all know that's why you (family) are here anyway.

Pictures like this. No, I have not washed that window recently...

1. Right Now: Watching baseball. We don't have normal cable or TV, but for the last couple years we've splurged and subscribed to MLB tv. I'm a Red Sox fan and J is a Cards fan, and since neither of us care much about the Nats (sorry locals!), we can watch most of our teams' games. The Sox are playing the Yankees and it's a bit of a nail biter. We're down by 1 in the 9th! The ump has been making terrible calls.

1.2 Oh and Ortiz just got thrown out! Never seen him that mad! 

2. Tonight: Made Southwest Quinoa salad. I LOVE this and I could eat it all night. I kept going back for seconds... multiple times. The only change I make to the recipe is subbing another can of black beans for the edamame and I cook an entire cup of quinoa.

3. I also made this recipe. It's actually my second time and makes a great lunch or snack. Tried to sneak some into Teacup 1 by telling her it was some special hummos (She loves hummos), but she wasn't fooled. She told me it was Mama's special hummos.

This looks way unappetizing. I promise you, it's not! 

Teacup 1 has been very interested in watching me prepare meals. Which is cute, but a little nerve-wracking when I'm using large knives. My splendid parenting moment went a little like this:

Me (cutting garlic): Now Ellie, don't touch knives, knives are sharp and can hurt you.

E (smiling): I like garlic!

Me: Yes, you like garlic, it's in hummos.

E (still smiling): I like pummos! (thinks for a little bit) I love chips!

Me: Yes, you love chips, now remember, don't touch knives, they can be dangerous.

E (nodding): I LOVE knives!!!

Yep darling, that's just what I was going for...

4. This Week: It's been raining and raining and raining. Poor Teacup 1 told J today, "I never go outside". She has rainboots... I suppose I could let her run around in the mud. But I get all tense around my shoulders thinking about the mess afterwards... I know, too uptight.

Dressed herself for the day

Rain, Rain, Go Away! 
5. Last Night: I attended a book club with some lovely ladies. The discussion was so stimulating! And everyone had these wonderful intellectual insights to offer. Well, probably everyone but me. I was so glad I went, because it helped me see so many things I didn't while reading it, but I realized how much I need to exercise this mommy brain. Must learn to form coherent thoughts again.

We read A Severe Mercy. It's WONDERFUL! It's non fiction, but reads more like a novel. I actually didn't quite finish it before the get together (I arrived like a school child, hanging her head when caught not finishing her homework) but I feel like I'm getting more out of it since we all talked about it.

6. Other books I've finished "recentish" (so a word), are I Capture the Castle and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I would %100 recommend these to pretty much anyone. So I've been on a roll with good books lately.

7. Also This Week: Teacup 2 is WALKING!!!! What!? My baby is walking! She also turns 1 next week, so there's that, but, wow, that went fast. I don't think I was this surprised when Teacup 1 turned one. I mean she was already a big sister and the baby was coming in just four months. Teacup 2 still just feels like a baby to me and I baby her.

How she always walks

And rides

Here's to linking up with Kelly!