Sunday, November 20, 2016

7 QTs and My Sunday Best: Catching up

Linking up with Kelly as I attempt to revive the much neglected blog.

1. I got a little negativity from my family *cough* mom *cough* sister *cough* after my last two posts were predominantly about my business. It wasn't because they weren't excited for me! They definitely were. The conversation went a little like this:

Mom: So I was so disappointed by your last blog posts
Me: Really? I'm sorry, why!?
Mom: Well I was so excited that you had a post up, and then it was such a let down when there weren't any pictures of the girls.


2. So here I am, returning this blog to it's rightful place- where henceforth there will only be pictures of my family life and the business will forever be separate. Which really makes more sense anyway. Although seeing how I post here about once every three months, and the business is taking up all of my free time, I'll guarantee a post here once every six months...

3. My friend and I shared our photography talents and took pictures of each other's families. It was so much fun! I'm sharing a few, but you'll have to wait for the best one after I send out our Christmas cards.

Taken by Ashley Maciag

Taken by Ashley Maciag

Taken by my husband! 

Taken by me... which is obvious by her face. Please ignore the gnats I didn't spend the time editing out...

4. Which aren't ordered yet...

5. I never shared Halloween pictures here, so here you go. A month late is better than never, I think...

6. The weather here has been amazing! The coldest its been has been in the low fifties during the day and today its in the 70s. November in Virginia is wonderful. These pictures were from a couple weeks ago, but still fun!

This is spikeball. It's our new favorite game. My brother introduced it and we played for three days straight


R was more interested in spikeball than the playground

And then today it got cold... I spoke too soon! 

7. And since it took me two days to get this post out, I'll just make this a My Sunday Best link up too and join in the fun over at Rosie's. I wore a new LuLa Roe dress that I picked up yesterday at my friends' pop up shop in Meghan's house. It was awesome. I got to shop with my friends and make new ones! If you haven't heard of LuLa Roe yet, head over and join Meghan and Elizabeth's facebook group. They will have their online launch on Monday. And, if you've already heard of LuLa Roe, they had some killer legging patterns :) 

My new Nicole dress! 

Leggings Legging Leggings! 

Beautiful Maxi skirt patterns

Happy Business Partners