Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Birth Story #3

I don't know if I've ever written a birth story before on this blog, but I wouldn't be a mommy blogger without sharing one.

I attempted a little two week photo shoot

Two kids and pregnant with a third sort of kicked my butt this year. I was tired, cranky, pregnant alllll year, and attempted to work my photography business. Since I'm probably the most low energy (nice way of saying lazy??) person around, this went about as well as can be expected.

Image by the lovely and talented Ashley Maciag

The difference? I now have three kids, three and under, I'm still tired and attempting to work my photography business, but I feel less cranky (my husband might disagree) and I'm not pregnant. Considering I'm getting less sleep than when I was pregnant, I believe this to be both a miracle and possibly that my hormones might be less out of whack then during pregnancy. Which is weird for me. Weird, but I'm extremely grateful. I'm assuming lots of people are praying for me!

The "Big" girls have adapted exceptionally well and have been amusing themselves together. With minimal fighting and mishaps all things considered. Baby doesn't love to sleep at night (but will sleep all day at six weeks still), and doesn't like to be put down (what baby does?), and those have been the biggest hurdles.

It's difficult to get a picture of the three of them

On to the birth! Because I seem to be doing this a bit backwards...

September 5th I actually went into labor and delivery around 11am. I had had contractions about every half hour the night before which fizzled by the morning, but baby seemed a bit less active and I wanted to get a few things checked out. Fizzling labor is weird for me. With my first two, once things started, it was the real deal and they were both born within six hours. I also knew I needed antibiotics with this delivery, so I'd have to get there early on in labor for me.

Nurses and Dr's all looked at me like I was crazy walking in there without a hint of pain. I don't really blame them. They hooked me up, and I had one whopping contraction in the first 45 minutes. Only problem was little girl's heartrate dropped really low. So they checked me...and I was at ONE centimeter. For most people that means you probably have awhile, but I tried to tell them my labors go really fast. They had us do a quick ultrasound because of the heartrate drop, but everything looked fine, so they sent me home. I left at 4 PM (takes forever to get discharged),smiling, and told them I'd probably be back in a few hours. They smiled condescendingly back.

At this point I was having contractions every 20-30 minutes. We picked up the girls from our amazing friends, warned them we might be back, and headed home for dinner. By 9PM I figured I should get some sleep since the contractions were still steady, but no where near close enough that any hospital would admit me. I woke up at midnight from a contraction and used the bathroom. Ten minutes later I had another... and another. I told J I would time them for an hour to make sure they didn't go away. By 12:45, they were five minutes apart and I told him we need to go NOW. Woke the girls up, hustled them into the car, and I informed him he should drop me off at the hospital first, and then drop the girls at our friends' house.

Nurse smiles at me as they wheel me in around 1:30, casually asks how close my contractions are, and then checks me. Her face. "Oh, you're at a 7 or 8, we better get you to a room". No kidding. No one listens to me!

I kept repeating my Dr's name so someone can call him. I get hooked up to my antibiotics and no one seems in much of a hurry. The nurse smiles at me again and says sweetly, "You're so calm. You wouldn't even know you're in labor". I smile back. And think, Should I start screaming or yelling? Would that make the Dr come faster?

They finally bring in a doctor from my practice. I don't remember what his name was. I think J got here at this point. It was probably a little after 2 AM. The doctor is really nice, but asking things SO slowly. Have you thought about pain management? Um.... yes, but it's probably kind of late at this point, sir. I finally get out that I had discussed a local medication through the IV called Statal (spelling?), because an epidural freaks me out. My previous two births were med free, but I was pretty anxious (terrified) about the pushing part, so I was considering something this time around.

Doctor leaves. I look at J.

"I need to push!"

So much for pain medication.

My doctor miraculously arrives and flies into scrubs. He's awesome and Catholic and I wish there were four of him around here so everyone could see him and I wouldn't have to deal with residents. He has made it to all three births.

I thought I might push slowly... you know... ease her out??? Yeah, right, that's how childbirth works. Well I quickly decided I just wanted her out NOW, and she arrived after three pushes at 2:33 AM. She was, and is, perfect and wonderful!

So I think that makes it 2.5 hours of active labor with an hour in the hospital? I'm kind of terrified about how fast future children might come!

We named her Sylvia, and I found out AFTERWARD that St. Sylvia is the patron saint for labor and delivery. I'm not sure I would call the whole experience "easy" per se, but probably the easiest it could have been! Moral of the story: name your girls Sylvia ;)

I'll spare you the after details, other than that I healed/felt really well considering I had a decent tear. My mom and sister arrived the next afternoon and stayed for 2.5 weeks. I consider myself extremely spoiled to have that much time with my newborn and not having to cook or clean, but I highly recommend it to anyone who can manage. I wish all moms had the support I did from my husband, family, and friends after birth!

Because of all these wonderful people, I got to nap and snuggle my newborn! 

There was a lot of reading and discovering of some favorite books

If you read this long, kudos for your dedication! Thank you to all my family and friends, near and far, who prayed for us!

Oh and a little PS: My cell phone is still broken, and finding a time to call and replace it has been difficult. But it has been remarkably freeing. The only negative might be that I can't easily take "selfies" with my new squish, but I have been taking out my big girl lens a lot more! Fall photo sessions start full swing next weekend, so prayers are much appreciated :)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

7 QTs: First blog post of the year

Yup, first blog post of the year. It's only May, ya'll. The year isn't halfway over, NBD. Linking up with Kelly for 7 QTs because she's got a popularity contest going on, and I'm %100 guaranteed not to win that one. Maybe when she promotes "Worst Blogger of the Year".

1. Anywho... goodness, where to begin! Most people who read this blog already know this, but we are expecting baby #3 and she's a GIRL! Woot! Following in my friend Faith's footsteps and the Bennet family and Ana too. Basically celebrities. E is over the moon she gets another sister, R enjoys smothering my belly with affection, J is excited to have another little lady to dote upon, and the only thing I'm disappointed about is that I don't really need to go shopping for new baby clothes.

So this probably means I should rename the blog, because I'm officially two kids behind, unless we can just pretend the "Three Little Cupps" part is talking about our kids now.

2. E turned three back in February. I was actually behind sharing pictures from her party on FB, so there might be some you've never seen. She got a "bike" that she can barely ride because her legs are too short, potty trained, and tells me all the time she's a "big girl now" and "Don't worry Mama, there will be another little one here soon".

3. R turned two last week. She's had quite the birthday week. My family came down for a small party and we went out on her birthday to Wendy's and the playground. She basically thought it was the best time ever. The day of her party, J asked her if she knew what was going to happen later. She gleefully shouted, "A Dog Party!!". Well... not quite. Set their expectations low people, they will be excited about anything.

Oh, and we got her a trampoline... which we haven't given to her yet because apparently I underestimated how big it is and we have no idea where to put it other than smack in our front yard. I think the neighbors will love it.

4. Happy Mother's day to you all mothers, both physical and spiritual. Praying for all those yearning for a child- know I see your mother's heart. Also, especially to my own beautiful mother whom I wish I could see everyday and is probably my number one blog reader ;) And my dear grandmother who passed away this March.

Cheating again, and linking up with Rosie for my Sunday Best.

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This counts to link up with My Sunday Best, right, Rosie? ;) 

My beautiful mother with R 2015

Rest in Peace, Maga. 2014 with first great grandchild, E. 

5. Check out Ginny's newly revamped blog! I recently did a little photoshoot for her a couple weekends back. She is such a natural model and it was so fun! Anyone else want new photos for their blog? For their family? I have some availability in the second week of June and then in the month of July.

6. I haven't blogged in over six months and I can't even come up with seven things to write about. My life is that exciting. Or maybe it is? I'm so busy I can't even remember what I've been up to? That must be it. Hmm,  I've been trying to read more lately so I stay off social media. I finished Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier. I thought I had read it before, but definitely not. It was really enjoyable! And I kicked myself for not reading it before the Eyre Affair. It's kind of imperative to understanding the Mrs. Danvers character. Oh and it's, you know, on like all the well-read reading lists according to so and so, so you should probably read it too. Now I'm reading Here Be Dragons, which is HUGE, but satisfying my historical fiction/history major nerdiness craving. I tried Pillars of the Earth, which really wasn't cutting it for me, but so far I'm enjoying this tome. Do you like to read? I'd love if you joined me on Goodreads! I'm constantly adding to my To Read list faster than I can possibly keep up with.

7. The CWBN conference is happening in Front Royal again this year, hosted by the gorgeous and gracious Ana! So many great bloggers coming to speak and I made so many awesome connections and friendships last year. I'll be 38 weeks pregnant, but I'm planning on being there and just trying to figure out what I'll be up to photography wise. Last year I offered headshots and did some group shots, but  my legs and arms were tired and I wasn't even pregnant! Maybe everyone can sit on the ground and I'll sit in a chair and take their pictures if anyone's interested. That should work well :-P.

Bonus: The resident pregnant, dancing fairy

Maybe I'll blog again before six months pass...maybe not. Go check out some legit bloggers over on Kelly's page!