Sunday, May 14, 2017

7 QTs: First blog post of the year

Yup, first blog post of the year. It's only May, ya'll. The year isn't halfway over, NBD. Linking up with Kelly for 7 QTs because she's got a popularity contest going on, and I'm %100 guaranteed not to win that one. Maybe when she promotes "Worst Blogger of the Year".

1. Anywho... goodness, where to begin! Most people who read this blog already know this, but we are expecting baby #3 and she's a GIRL! Woot! Following in my friend Faith's footsteps and the Bennet family and Ana too. Basically celebrities. E is over the moon she gets another sister, R enjoys smothering my belly with affection, J is excited to have another little lady to dote upon, and the only thing I'm disappointed about is that I don't really need to go shopping for new baby clothes.

So this probably means I should rename the blog, because I'm officially two kids behind, unless we can just pretend the "Three Little Cupps" part is talking about our kids now.

2. E turned three back in February. I was actually behind sharing pictures from her party on FB, so there might be some you've never seen. She got a "bike" that she can barely ride because her legs are too short, potty trained, and tells me all the time she's a "big girl now" and "Don't worry Mama, there will be another little one here soon".

3. R turned two last week. She's had quite the birthday week. My family came down for a small party and we went out on her birthday to Wendy's and the playground. She basically thought it was the best time ever. The day of her party, J asked her if she knew what was going to happen later. She gleefully shouted, "A Dog Party!!". Well... not quite. Set their expectations low people, they will be excited about anything.

Oh, and we got her a trampoline... which we haven't given to her yet because apparently I underestimated how big it is and we have no idea where to put it other than smack in our front yard. I think the neighbors will love it.

4. Happy Mother's day to you all mothers, both physical and spiritual. Praying for all those yearning for a child- know I see your mother's heart. Also, especially to my own beautiful mother whom I wish I could see everyday and is probably my number one blog reader ;) And my dear grandmother who passed away this March.

Cheating again, and linking up with Rosie for my Sunday Best.

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This counts to link up with My Sunday Best, right, Rosie? ;) 

My beautiful mother with R 2015

Rest in Peace, Maga. 2014 with first great grandchild, E. 

5. Check out Ginny's newly revamped blog! I recently did a little photoshoot for her a couple weekends back. She is such a natural model and it was so fun! Anyone else want new photos for their blog? For their family? I have some availability in the second week of June and then in the month of July.

6. I haven't blogged in over six months and I can't even come up with seven things to write about. My life is that exciting. Or maybe it is? I'm so busy I can't even remember what I've been up to? That must be it. Hmm,  I've been trying to read more lately so I stay off social media. I finished Rebecca by Daphne de Maurier. I thought I had read it before, but definitely not. It was really enjoyable! And I kicked myself for not reading it before the Eyre Affair. It's kind of imperative to understanding the Mrs. Danvers character. Oh and it's, you know, on like all the well-read reading lists according to so and so, so you should probably read it too. Now I'm reading Here Be Dragons, which is HUGE, but satisfying my historical fiction/history major nerdiness craving. I tried Pillars of the Earth, which really wasn't cutting it for me, but so far I'm enjoying this tome. Do you like to read? I'd love if you joined me on Goodreads! I'm constantly adding to my To Read list faster than I can possibly keep up with.

7. The CWBN conference is happening in Front Royal again this year, hosted by the gorgeous and gracious Ana! So many great bloggers coming to speak and I made so many awesome connections and friendships last year. I'll be 38 weeks pregnant, but I'm planning on being there and just trying to figure out what I'll be up to photography wise. Last year I offered headshots and did some group shots, but  my legs and arms were tired and I wasn't even pregnant! Maybe everyone can sit on the ground and I'll sit in a chair and take their pictures if anyone's interested. That should work well :-P.

Bonus: The resident pregnant, dancing fairy

Maybe I'll blog again before six months pass...maybe not. Go check out some legit bloggers over on Kelly's page! 


  1. Hi, Rachel! I didn't know you are pregnant! Congratulations! How exciting!
    You are not the worst blogger. My blog has been set to private for a month or two because I want to update a couple of things and remove my affiliate links. It is taking me a long time. Maybe I will have it finished by June. I would love to see you again at the conference, but I don't think that I can make it this year. Mary Rose will be ten months old in August. She will be too big to bring, but not big enough that I will want to leave her for that long.
    Take care!

  2. You know what we can do, also? Set you up in a chair with a tripod!! Then you don't even have to hold the camera! We'll make this work, it's gonna be great 😊😊😊 And I think I'll have to snag a June or July opening for photos!