Three Little Cupps

The blog name originated from our prior residence, which really was a bit like a cupboard, or, at least started feeling like one after teacup #1 arrived with all her gear that every baby "needs", and a play on our last name. If you read my first post, you'll probably understand how I might have an outdated blog name. It takes me a little while to get moving...

Last April we found a new home, all our own! It's definitely an upgrade in space compared to our two bedroom townhouse, however, we might start to feel the cupboard squeeze in May since our little family is growing again by one teacup! Then, I suppose I'll have to update the blog name to Four Little Cups.

Teacup #2! 

If hubby were a real cup, he would probably be a beer stein, or at least a tall beer glass. Before you start worrying about his alcoholic consumption, I'll explain that he brews beer as one of his hobbies! He even started his own site to review what he's brewed.

My cup, would be a wine glass because they are so elegant...Um, or at least that's the general aspiration. Actually, I'm much more casual, and I'm quite happy with being casual. So maybe I should be a coffee mug. Although, I must admit, I'd definitely prefer a big goblet of wine over a cup of joe. Just sayin'.

The babies obviously would be teacups, because there isn't anything cuter than a teacup in the cupboard.

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